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We’re looking for people to join us to continue making a difference in the lives of our clients. We’re committed to creating a better business and a better world. We care about building an inclusive culture where every employee can perform to their full potential.

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How we work

Our values are what drive us forward. They provide the framework for making decisions like who we hire, who we promote, and how we get things done. We’ve spent a lot of time, effort and energy ensuring that these values are the right ones for us as a business.

Our Code

Do The Right Thing

Integrity and honesty are non-negotiable for us, as it’s the foundation for trust with our clients and colleagues. Even when we’ve made a mistake or have to deliver bad news to people, we tell the truth.

We take responsibility for our actions; we deal with what is in front of us and ask for help if necessary.

Exceed Expectations

We care about and do the best for our clients. We are always compassionate and understanding. We stand up for the rights of our clients to get them the best possible outcomes.

We deal with problems as they arise, and we never give up.

Be Humble

We treat others as we wish to be treated, with respect and dignity. We listen to each other and choose to be compassionate, empathetic, and kind.

We muck in to help our colleagues and customers, even if it is outside of our ‘job description’. We’re not too important for any task.

Embrace and Drive Change

We’re always searching for ways to improve our processes and systems to make TLW better for our customers and colleagues. We know we need to stay adaptable and curious to thrive as a business and we all contribute to our success.

We look for opportunities, see the bigger picture and plan for the future.

Choose Collaboration

We are all responsible for contributing to a positive working environment and we see the value in building positive and supportive working relationships with our colleagues, clients and partners. We value each other's contributions and play people to their strengths.

We believe that clear communication is crucial and strive to communicate clearly, simply and effectively; and we check that the message has been understood.

Keep Learning

To be able to exceed expectations, we need to keep developing our skills and capabilities; continuous learning and development is critical. When we make mistakes, we learn from them and share our learnings with our colleagues, so we can all get better.

We value openness and curiosity. We believe that there's no such thing as a stupid question!

Will you love working at TLW?

You will love TLW if:

  1. You want to work at a law firm where the leadership team cares about you You want to work in an informal environment where you can structure things how you want to.
  2. You want to work somewhere where you are trusted to do the right thing for clients.
  3. You love the bragging rights of being able to have a life outside of your job.
  4. You want to be a part of the small and mighty firm that takes on big names.
  5. You want to get stuck in and start helping our clients straight away.
  6. You want to work in a friendly environment where we all have the understanding that you have a life outside of work.
  7. You’re comfortable with minimal supervision and support when you need it You want to be trusted to direct your own work and be able to ask questions when you get stuck.
  8. You like to work in an environment where nobody is too important to do any task.
  9. You want to get paid for any (voluntary) overtime you decide to take on.
  10. You find it amusing that your boss will actively encourage you to finish work and go home at 5pm!
  11. Love collaborating with your colleagues so we can all do the best for our clients.
  12. Enjoy having some flexibility about where you work.
  13. You enjoy asking questions and spotting opportunities for improvement.
  14. You want to be comfortable at work and not expected to come in all suited and booted.

You will hate TLW if:

  1. You want to work at a super prestigious law firm.
  2. You need a highly structured and formal environment.
  3. You love working in places where you are under constant pressure to perform.
  4. You love the bragging rights of being sooooo busy and having to work until 10pm at night.
  5. You want the power of having a big-name law firm behind you.
  6. You prefer to wait until someone deems you perfect enough to start working with clients.
  7. You prefer to keep work at work and want to pretend you don’t have a life outside of work.
  8. You love massive hierarchical structures with loads of managers.
  9. You want to be told what to do all the time.
  10. You love swanning around feeling important.
  11. You don’t mind being exploited – by working all the hours with no overtime.
  12. You love the game of chicken that’s played where the first person to leave is tutted at and called a ‘part-timer’.
  13. Love competing with your colleagues to be ‘The Best’ You like to work where you are told to work.
  14. You want to follow processes and not have to have the responsibility of suggesting improvements.
  15. You love to dress in formal business wear and look like the lawyers in movies!

Team Talk

Growing our own!

We love hiring people early in their careers and helping them develop their careers with us. We very rarely hire senior staff, we prefer to promote from within. We’ve always had and continue to maintain very low staff turnover. Nearly a quarter of the staff have been with us for over 10 years!

We have an ongoing commitment to maintaining a strong work/life balance through flexible working and a range of wellbeing initiatives. We’re also focused on creating clear career progression paths.

We support staff in various ways to achieve their own continuing professional development goals, including providing financial assistance, flexible working, time off for study and exams. This extends beyond legally based qualifications. We’ve helped staff with training contracts and LPC and also assisted with conversion courses, ACCA (accounting) and HR qualifications. At our latest successful Lexcel accreditation assessment, we were recognised for its staff development.

Our People


Do you offer Training Contracts?

We do offer them, but we don’t offer them to everyone. We want you to come in and understand our business first. It is based on a competitive (but highly transparent) internal process.

Do I have to work in an office, or can I work at home?

We work on a hybrid model whereby we offer employees the option to work from home 50% of the week, once your initial training has been completed and signed off. However, we also appreciate that it is not always an option or optimal to work from home, so staff do have the option to work full time in the office should they choose to.

What are the types of work I would be doing?

We provide individuals and businesses with a wide range of legal services in the following areas:

  • Pension, Investment and Tax Claims;
  • Claims against banks;
  • Claims against finance companies under s75 and s140 Consumer Credit Act 1974;
  • Claims in relation to undisclosed commissions, breach of fiduciary duty and bribery;
  • Personal Injury Compensation.

Do I have to wear suits to work?

No, not unless you chose to, we’re pretty informal here (unless we’re in court/meeting clients).

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