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Investment Mis-selling Compensation Claims

Quick Guide

  • Investments that seem too good to be true, often are. Many have lost thousands.
  • TLW can help clients claim compensation who have been mis-sold unsuitable or badly managed investments.
  • If you have lost out, contact no win no fee TLW to see if you have a claim.

Were you mis-sold an investment?

If you were given financial advice to invest in an unregulated investment scheme with claims that promised excellent returns, speak to TLW Solicitors.

You may have been mis-sold an investment if you were given unsuitable investment advice to use your pension funds, savings or even to re-mortgage your home, to invest in a scheme that promised guaranteed high returns.

Alarmingly, some investors are discovering that they have been mis-sold as this financial advice of promised, high returns never materialised or were short-lived and their hard earned money has disappeared. This is investment mis-selling and if this sounds like you, speak to us today by filling the form below to check if you have a claim.

  • Overseas property
  • Store pods
  • Hotel developments
  • Forestry projects
  • Carbon credits
  • Contracts For Difference (‘CFD’s’)
  • Diamonds
  • Foreign Exchange (‘FX’ or ‘Forex’) trading
  • Green oil

Whilst it is widely accepted that there are inherently high risks associated with certain types of investments your advisor has a duty to check that the proposed investment is sound and that the recommendation to invest is suitable for the level of risk that you are comfortable taking with your money.

If you have lost out financially as a result of advice that you feel was not suitable for you then we may be able to recover those losses for you.

Please call us on 0800 169 5925, send and email or use our call back form and our team will contact you for an initial, no-obligation consultation.

It is important to get advice as soon as possible as strict time limits can apply.

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