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TLW are committed to making our website accessible to all users, regardless of ability or disability.

This will involve making continual improvements to our site to ensure this objective is achieved. Please read the information below to see how we have already addressed various accessibility issues. We will continue to seek further improvements and implement changes in the future.


We aim to ensure our website is available within a broad range of operating systems, browsers and specialist assistive technologies.

Design and Colour Contrast

We have designed our website to create an easy to read environment.  In particular, the site uses predominantly black text on a white background.

Header and Navigation

We aim to create an easy to use and navigate website through the use of prominent and consistent use if headers and navigation throughout the site.  We provide this with the use of a home button at the top of every page and site map option on the footer.


We always aim to communicate in a clear, concise manner and in plain English.  However, some articles may require a reasonable level of technical understanding due to the nature of the work we carry out.

Easy to read

As well as enlarged text on the main content of each page we have added a text only button for a distraction free reading experience.  Some web browsers allow text resizing and distraction free reading. More information about this can be obtained from your web browser’s website or help menu.

We welcome any feedback from users who may experience any difficulty navigating our website or gaining access to content.

Please contact us at