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Suffering a personal injury that was not your fault can have a significant effect on your life

The term ‘personal injury’ covers a very broad spectrum, including serious brain, spinal and orthopaedic injuries, as well as slips, trips and accidents at work.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors are not only experts in their legal field but also receive specialist training from our healthcare partners.

This gives our solicitors a unique understanding of the medical side of injury as well as the legal side, ensuring that all our personal injury compensation claims are dealt with using the highest levels of understanding and expertise.

Personal injury compensation claims in the North-East

If you, a friend or family member have suffered a personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. A personal injury solicitor can ensure you know your rights and quickly advise whether you have a personal injury compensation claim to pursue. We can discuss your case over the telephone or in person, and can arrange to visit you if circumstances make this preferable. This would be a free consultation and should you decide to select us to proceed with your claim we can act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Based in North Shields near Newcastle upon Tyne and covering the whole of the northeast region, our client-focused team of personal injury experts offer legal advice matched with sensitivity and compassion, as well as  hard work for you and your family’s needs, ensuring a sympathetic, professional relationship at all times.

You can find a list of all of our personal injury services below, with links to all of the information you need. We have also produced a helpful guide to sources of support available in the north-east for those who have been affected by a personal injury.

Serious Injury

Serious injuries include brain or head injuries, spinal injuries and orthopaedic injuries.

Brain or Head Injury

Brain injuries, head injuries and concussions can occur from slips, trips, falls, traffic accidents, assaults and sporting injuries. Please see our Brain Injury Infographic and Guide to Care Options for further information:

Spinal Injury
Spinal injuries occur most commonly through a broken back or neck, although they can be caused through many different ways. Please see our Spinal Injury Infographic for further information.

Orthopaedic Injuries
Relating to the skeletal system, muscles, ligaments and joints, orthopaedic injuries can be down to slips, trips, falls, road traffic accidents and accidents at work.

Accidents at Work
Accidents at work commonly occur due to slip and trip injuries, machinery, manual handling and working at heights, but they can occur at work regardless of your profession.

Industrial Diseases
We can offer assistance and expert advice on a host of industrial diseases including repetitive strain injury, industrial deafness and many asbestos-related conditions.

Industrial Deafness
Temporary or permanent hearing loss or tinnitus can be a result of working in a loud environment. You may be entitled to compensation even if you have retired or left a loud working environment.

Asbestos Related Illness
We can offer support and advice relating to asbestosis, pleural thickening, asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Slips and Trips
Our personal injury solicitors can offer help and support relating to all manner of slip and trip-related incidents.

Accidents Abroad
These may include food poisoning, slips, trips and road traffic accidents.

Criminal Injury Claims
TLW provides legal representation and support for victims of criminal assault and attack.

Help & Support Following a Personal Injury

Our personal injury experts understand that need is not purely financial, and can help you to access the right care and support at the right time. As a firm that specialises in personal injury compensation claims, we have both the expertise and knowledge to represent you effectively, working towards a positive outcome at all times.

If you think you have a personal injury compensation claim, contact us or speak to a solicitor at TLW today.


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