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Orthopaedic Injury Compensation

Quick Guide

  • Orthopaedic injuries such as fractures, ligament and nerve damage, can have lifelong consequences, including the ability to earn a living.
  • TLW’s lawyers are experienced in dealing with a wide range of claims leading to orthopaedic injuries such as road and work accidents.
  • In such complex claims, it is important to have a team of specialist lawyers on your side.

Have you suffered an orthopaedic injury?

Is the injury causing serious impact on your life?

Orthopaedic injuries relate to the skeletal system and the related joints, ligaments and muscles. Orthopaedic injuries can be caused by road traffic accidents, slips, trips, falls and accidents at work.

Depending on the severity of the injury, this can have a serious impact on your social and family life, as well as your ability to earn a living. The term ‘major trauma’ describes serious and often multiple injuries where there is a strong possibility of death or disability.

In England, the most common cause is a road accident. We estimate that there are at least 20,000 cases of major trauma each year in England resulting in 5,400 deaths and many others resulting in permanent disabilities from orthopaedic injuries that require long-term care.

  • Severe fractures.
  • Ligament damage.
  • Tendon and nerve damage (which can result in amputation).

All of the above orthopaedic injuries require the correct diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to ensure the best recovery is made. Even with a good recovery, these kinds of injuries can have lifelong impacts and serious consequences.

TLW’s Care Navigators assist our clients and their families to understand some of the many different choices and challenges that will present themselves following a serious injury. Care Navigators are there to provide support and guidance to clients and their families during the process of recovering from a serious injury.

Our orthopaedic injury solicitors understand that NHS resources are under extreme pressure and the associated impact on the accessibility to sometimes essential operations. This can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort with an often negative psychological impact.

We do not criticise the NHS for this, but we believe it is unacceptable for the representatives of those responsible for your orthopaedic injury to expect you to wait unnecessarily for treatment. We believe you should receive the best possible treatment at the earliest possible opportunity with the representatives of those responsible for your orthopaedic injury paying for private treatment where necessary.

We will always press for the release of funding at the earliest opportunity from the representatives of those responsible for your orthopaedic injury so that you can access treatment as soon as possible and at your convenience.

TLW’s orthopaedic injury solicitors appreciate that early rehabilitation focusing on the unique specific needs of our clients is essential to ensuring the best possible recovery from an orthopaedic injury.

We will press for the release of funding at the earliest opportunity from the representatives of those responsible for your orthopaedic injury so that your rehabilitation needs can be assessed and met. As part of this we may instruct specialist case managers to assess your needs, organise and implement the care and rehabilitation necessary to ensure the best level of care is being provided to allow for the greatest degree of recovery possible.

Where appropriate, multi-disciplinary team meetings will be organised to ensure the care and rehabilitation professionals are organised and working in unison to maximise your recovery. This can include, amongst others: Occupational Therapists; Physiotherapists; Psychologists; Social Workers; Nurses; General Practitioners; Prosthetists; and Orthotists.

We accept that obtaining funding from the representatives of those responsible for your orthopaedic injury can occasionally take time, especially if the accident circumstances are complicated and responsibility for your accident is disputed. As such, we will only seek to use the best specialist care/rehabilitation navigators who will work alongside you to ensure you are receiving the right care and rehabilitation at the right time.

Our orthopaedic injury solicitors understand that a serious orthopaedic injury can be a life-changing event, but regaining independence and returning to normal life as far as possible is equally – if not more – important than the amount of compensation.

We appreciate that returning to former activities and hobbies is an important part of the rehabilitation process and something many of our clients want to achieve. Where possible we endeavour to help our clients achieve their goals.

TLW’s team of orthopaedic injury solicitors have years of experience in dealing with complex orthopaedic injuries and you can rely on us to seek the correct compensation. This compensation can help to pay for care and rehabilitation, property adaptations or to assist with any loss of earnings as a result of the injuries.

Contact us today. Our personal injury team can arrange an appointment to visit you and discuss whether you are entitled to make an orthopaedic injury claim.

Please see our FAQs and Serious Injury Toolkit page for more information.

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