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Have you been injured following a slip, trip or fall?

Slips, trips and falls are surprisingly all too common and can occur in various situations such as slipping on a wet floor in a supermarket, falling over a trailing cable at work, tripping in a pothole or on a uneven paving stone in the street, or even, falling down due to uneven stairs or because of a defective handrail.

The injuries you can suffer from as a result of a fall can vary and in the worst cases can be life changing. Very often expenses will be incurred and help provided either by friends, family or professionally to assist you with everyday tasks such as getting dressed, washing or even childcare while you recover.

If you are working, usually you will need to take time off work and even when you you return, you might have to go on light duties or even change your job because of your injuries.

Not all slips, trips and falls can be claimed for and legal duties and obligations vary according to the accident circumstances.  However, if the accident was outside of your control we may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Slip and trip injuries at work

Slips and trips are one of the most commonly reported injuries according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and can range in severity. Your employer has a duty of care and must provide a safe working environment.

If you’ve slipped, tripped or fallen at work and suffered from an injury that wasn’t your fault, TLW Solicitors personal injury team could help you access much needed rehabilitation, seek compensation for your injuries and reclaim losses.

Slips, trips and falls are a major cause of work related injuries and on average 3 million working days are lost every year. It is your employer’s responsibility to carry out a regular assessment of workplace safety and ensure employees have the correct level of training to prevent and minimise accidents occurring.

Our Personal Injury team can offer specialist advice and assistance in all areas of slip and trip injuries. Call us today of use our contact form and one of our experts will help you with your claim.

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