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TLW Coronavirus Statement

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Given the current and ever-changing situation we find ourselves in with the Coronavirus outbreak we wanted to take this opportunity to update you in respect of our planning that is already underway and of which we are confident will minimise the impact on our business and providing our legal services to you.

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We are following guidance issued by Public Health England as well as other Government sources and the NHS.

As things stand, it is very much business as usual. However, we are taking sensible precautions in the circumstances such as limiting face to face business meetings and travel. However, we understand that the situation may escalate quickly.

Plans are already in place for our employees to be able to work remotely in the event absence from the office is required and we believe that the plans in place will mean minimum disruption to our clients while allowing us to protect our staff and their families as much as possible. If we have to work on a reduced capacity basis we may have to concentrate on cases with pressing limitations or court deadlines and our service may be a little slower than usual if your case does not fall into this category. We apologise in advance for any delays caused but we are sure you will understand the need to prioritise.

In the event, the situation does deteriorate the main impact is likely to be on our phone activity and time is taken to respond and answer correspondence. During this period it will be the case that correspondence by email is likely to be the most efficient and effective way of communication between us. In this regard, you should contact be able to contact the relevant fee earner at the email address you have been provided in previous correspondence or alternatively, you can use our general email at info@tlwsolicitors.co.uk.

We will continue to monitor the situation and the guidance provided. If any further updates are required we will broadcast these here on our website and social media accounts. However, for now, we would like to reassure all our clients that we have plans in place to deal with the situation and we will continue to assess our plans in light of new developments.

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