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Brain Injury Infographic

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Brain Injuries explained

TLW have produced a brain injury infographic to explain what a brain injury is and how it can effect someone who has had a brain injury. We have recently launched a serious injury team here at TLW Solicitors. We are providing specialist serious injury legal services to people in the North East of England who have had brain and spinal injuries, as well as serious orthopaedic injuries.

The infographic provides information about:

  1. The make up of the brain.
  2. The different areas of the brain and the different things they control.
  3. Cognitive symptoms of a brain injury.
  4. Physical effects of a brain injury.
  5. An example of one of the ways to diagnose a brain injury.
  6. Some of the initial treatment options for a brain injury.

If you are unfamiliar with the word cognitive, it is used to describe the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning.

The initial period following a brain injury can be very worrying and upsetting for family members. People are often worried, confused and not sure where to turn for help. There are however lots of sources of support and information out there regarding personal injury.

Headway UK have a great website which is full of information on brain injuries.

As well as the online information they have a helpline which is manned by specialists who can provide advice and support

Headway also have brain injury support groups all over the North East of England.

Headway North East Groups

We hope you find this brain injury infographic useful and if you would like to speak to us about anything in relation to acquired brain injury in the North East of England, please feel free to contact us.