TLW help client get out of paying Timeshare Maintenance Fees

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TLW Solicitors have successfully got our client Mr Jamie Siers, from Dartford in Kent, released from a maintenance contract on his timeshare.

The timeshare maintenance fees would have tied him in for the rest of his life and believe it or not, the contract would have been passed on to his children.

Mr Siers explained: “I am over the moon to get out of this contract! The thought of being tied into this level of expenditure for the rest of my life was stressful enough, the thought of my children having to bear this burden was an awful prospect.”

TLW got me the result I was looking for and I would heartily recommend other people in the same situation to contact them.

“TLW’s Head of Financial Mis-Selling Marc Davison was a pleasure to deal with, very friendly and always spoke in plain English”.

Timeshare Cancellation

In many cases, getting out of your timeshare is possible. We are a regulated law firm, and our timeshare solicitors have helped many people secure timeshare compensation or a cancellation of contract on a no win, no fee basis.

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