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Have you or your family been mis-sold a financial product or service?

‘Financial mis-selling’ covers a broad spectrum of issues. In general the term covers the selling of a financial product or service which wasn’t suitable.

Often this is down to specific terms and conditions not being explained in their entirety, resulting in a product being agreed to by an individual despite not being given the full facts.

If the full facts would have dissuaded that individual from proceeding with the agreement then a case for financial mis-selling can be put forward.

Poor Financial Advice

Those advising individuals on financial issues should have the customer’s best interests at heart. Given the amount of knowledge required to fully understand the details behind many financial products, most individuals have no choice other than to place their trust in the hands of an ‘expert’.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where advisors working in the financial sector have been found to give advice benefiting themselves or their institution, over the needs of the individual.

No one is immune to financial mis-selling. If you think you may have received poor financial advice, resulting in purchasing a product that was ultimately not in your best interests, contact TLW Solicitors today and find out if you are entitled to compensation. Our highly experienced team of financial mis-selling solicitors can review your situation.

Examples of Financial Mis-selling

Timeshare Mis-selling

If you’ve been pressured into a timeshare purchase, or have lost money trying to sell your share, you may be entitled to compensation.

Pension Annuities

Were you asked about your medical situation before buying your pension annuity? If not you could be entitled to a larger pension income. Even if you are in perfect health and your provider failed to advise you of your rights to go elsewhere, you could also be entitled to a better deal.

Pension Mis-selling

If you have been advised to invest your pension fund into a high risk scheme which has gone wrong or been sold a pension that was not in your best financial interests, you may have a case for pension mis-selling.

Investment Mis-selling

Advised to invest in an investment scheme that promised high returns? If you feel you received poor advice on a high-risk investment and lost out financially, you could be entitled to compensation.

Solar Panel Mis-selling

We can recover lost monies if you were misled into purchasing a solar panel system.

Tax Avoidance Schemes

If you were advised of a tax avoidance scheme without being made aware of the potential risks involved, TLW Solicitors may be able to recover your losses.

PPI Mis-selling (Payment Protection Insurance)

You may have taken out PPI without asking, or without being given the full facts – it may, for example, have been unsuitable for your personal circumstances. We can offer advice and assistance on how best to pursue a complaint or claim for compensation.

Interest Rate Hedging Product

A large number of business loans have been sold to small businesses without proper clarity around the specifics of the loan. Principal banks involved are Clydesdale, Yorkshire and Lloyds. TLW can review the terms of your loan and see if you have been a victim of mis-selling.

PPI for Insolvency Practitioners

Many claims for unsuitable PPI now rest in the hands of Insolvency Practitioners. TLW Solicitors can assist IPs in recovering any monies you are entitled to.

Interest Rate Hedging Products for Insolvency Practitioners

Experts in identifying mis-sold interest rate swaps and embedded swaps, we can assist insolvency practitioners in reviewing a case and ensuring a fair deal for a client.

Mis-sold SIPP (Self-invested personal pension)

If you believe you have received misleading advice, resulting in you entering into a high-risk investment without you being aware of the potential pitfalls, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

Reclaim what is rightfully yours

At TLW Solicitors, we provide clear advice and support helping you reclaim financial losses with practical legal advice.

We specialise in reclaiming what is rightfully yours, offering practical legal advice through professional expertise and working hard to secure the maximum compensation available for you.

Financial institutions have set aside billions in compensation for the mis-selling of financial products and services, as a result of individuals being sold and incorrectly advised upon products, including Timeshares, PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) and Mortgage mis-selling.

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