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Have you been injured in an accident at an office or in a shop?

Whilst offices and shop premises may not seem like dangerous environments, it is still possible to suffer serious injuries, often because of slips and trips following spillages or obstructions and other hazards.

If you work in an office, your employer has a duty of care to provide a safe work place by providing adequate training, fully maintained and safe working equipment and safe working conditions and practices. Employers are also generally responsible for the actions of their employees, so if injury results from an avoidable accident caused by a colleague, then there may well be grounds for a compensation claim against the employer.

Shop owners, from large super markets and department stores to corner shops and garages, have a duty of care to keep their customers and other visitors safe.

It can often be embarrassing if you fall in a shop however you can still suffer serious injuries that sometimes are not apparent until sometime later. It is therefore important after any accident to report it to the staff, make sure it has been recorded, to get details of any witnesses to the accident, take photos on your phone (for example of any spillages on the floor if you slipped) and ask for any CCTV to be kept.

Examples of office and shop accident cases that the team have dealt with include:

  • A Client who slipped on an unmarked wet floor in the entrance of a well-known Supermarket who suffered from multiple soft tissue injuries;
  • A Client who suffered from injuries to the shoulder and head after a shop door slammed shut due to a faulty safety mechanism.

Office and Shop Accident claims

Health and Safety laws are complicated, so it is important to work with a team of well-supported expert solicitors who have experience of a wide range of claims.

In the event your symptoms (or the effects of your injuries ) are ongoing and responsibility for the accident is accepted early on, we can try to negotiate an early payment towards the final compensation to cover things like medical bills, rehabilitation or lost earnings.

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