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Have been a victim of a farming accident?

Farms are recognised as one of the most dangerous working environments. There are a wide range of hazards on a farm including heavy machinery and plant, working at heights, heavy manual handling, livestock, being exposed to hazardous substances or slips and trips.

Employers are generally responsible for the actions of their employees, so if injury results from an avoidable accident caused by a colleague, then there may well be grounds for a compensation claim against the employer.

Health and Safety laws are complicated and constantly changing. That is why it is important to work with a team of well-supported specialist solicitors who have experience of a wide range of work place claims.

Most farms have quite a small workforce and the specialist team at TLW understand that some workers may be worried about making a claim against their employers.

Farming accident claims

If the injury is very serious and responsibility for the accident is accepted early on, the TLW team can try to negotiate an early payment towards the final compensation to cover things like medical bills, rehabilitation or lost earnings.

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