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Have you been involved in an accident on a building and construction site?

Building and construction sites are very dangerous working environments with workers exposed to risks ranging from working at heights, using heavy plant and machinery, to manual lifting, being exposed to hazardous substances or slips and trips. In such sites, there is always a risk of serious, life-changing and sometimes fatal injury.

In a busy, time-pressured environment like a building site, with our experience of dealing with these claims, TLW Solicitors recognise that it can be easy for contractors and workers to pick up bad habits which over time can result in dangerous working practices.

Employers are responsible for the actions of its employees, so if injury results from an avoidable accident caused by a colleague or another contractor, then there may well be grounds for a compensation claim.

Employers are under a duty to provide a safe place to work including providing adequate protective safety equipment, full training and safe systems of work to reduce the risks of injury and fatal accidents as far as possible.

Employment laws protect employees who might be worried about the implications of making a claim against their employer.

Construction and Building Site Accident claims

If the injury is very serious and responsibility for the accident is accepted early on, the TLW team can try to negotiate an early payment towards the final compensation to cover things like medical bills, rehabilitation or lost earnings.

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