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TLW Solicitors Success Story Featured in the Irish Sun

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TLW’s APP Fraud team helped Ms D successfully claim almost £13,000 from her bank after a sophisticated scam.

A TLW Solicitors client, who successfully secured £12,500 compensation from her bank, Revolut, after an Authorised Push Payment (APP) scam, has been featured in the Irish Sun newspaper.

As part of a broader piece on Revolut bank scams, the paper highlighted Ms D’s story and the help she received from TLW Solicitors – particularly Litigation Executive Alex Laws – after her initial complaint had been rejected.

Ms D had received a text message from a number purporting to be from her bank Revolut in July 2022 stating that a transaction of over £7000 had been attempted from her account and asking her to call the emergency number provided.

The number was, in fact, controlled by a scammer who convinced her to open a new ‘safe’ account and transfer her money into it to secure it from fraudsters. She transferred £12,500 in two transactions into the thew ‘safe’ account, at which point the scammer hung up, and she became suspicious.

Worried she’d been scammed, Ms D reported the scam to Revolut, who refused to refund, so she took her complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), an independent Government-backed body responsible for investigating complaints between consumers and financial services providers. Ms D raised the initial complaint with FOS herself, and the case was ultimately rejected, with the investigation finding in favour of Revolut. At this point, Ms D contacted TLW Solicitors’ APP Fraud team for help launching an appeal.

Ms D was put in touch with Alex Laws and her colleagues, who helped her submit her appeal claim to FOS. Following the team’s investigation and specialist advice, additional detailed information and factors were submitted to FOS that Ms D was unaware of when she initially made the refund claim.

With the benefit of the additional information collated by the TLW team, the FOS investigator reconsidered the whole case again and decided to uphold Ms D’s complaint and award a refund.

While Ms D was initially prepared to handle the FOS complaint on her own, she urges anyone in a similar situation to consider legal support from the very beginning:

“Without Alex and TLW’s intervention with the appeal I do not think I would have been successful in securing compensation for the scam.

Their knowledge of the financial regulations and important factors that I hadn’t even considered, such as my medical records, were crucial to bolstering the complaint and getting a successful outcome for the claim. The team are also fully familiar with similar cases that the FOS have dealt with, including the decisions that are made far earlier on in the process that are never published on the FOS website.

There is a reason that specialist legal professionals, such as Alex and her team, do what they do and do it so well. They thoroughly understand the ins-and-outs and challenges of these claims and know exactly what to do to get the best results.

Thank you!”

If you, a friend, colleague or loved one have been the victim of an impersonation scam or other APP fraud, like Ms. D, please get in touch to see if we can help. People often feel embarrassed or tricked after losing money and may not want to admit they were caught out, but we understand this and have years of experience dealing with similar cases. We are experienced in the claims process and how to appeal, if necessary.

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