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Store Pod Investments

Store Pods

Have you lost pension money or savings as a result of investing in Store Pods?

Over recent years thousands of people have been persuaded to invest in Store Pods and companies who own storage areas on the basis that the company managing the pods will market them to be rented out by individuals or businesses.

Some people were talked into investing by their financial advisers on the promise of lucrative returns on their investment. People would purchase a particular pod or pods on the basis that the Store company would then rent those out on their behalf and the investor would receive a rental income.

However, for many these investments have now turned sour and the returns they initially received have stopped. Those people then find themselves in the position of owning something which they cannot find a tenant for and / or an asset that they cannot sell. Effectively meaning that their investment in no longer generating a return and may be worth significantly less than the sum they invested.

If you were one of the people who were talked into investing in Store Pods by a financial adviser it may be that the advice to invest was unsuitable for you and the adviser should not have recommended Store Pods to you due to the high risks involved. If the advice was unsuitable then you may have a claim against the adviser for your losses.

As well as the amount you have invested in Store Pods you may also be entitled to recover the sums you would have made had your money been invested properly as well as interest on those amounts.

What can I claim back?

As well as being entitled to claim back the amount which you invested you may also be able to claim losses such as:

  • Fees paid to the pension/SIPP company who arranged your investment;
  • Money you would have made if your pension / savings had of remained where they were;
  • Interest on the amounts due.

If the advice you were given was unsuitable then you may have a claim.

Our expert team at TLW will be able to advise you if you have a claim against the financial adviser who persuaded you to invest. For more information or to discuss your case, contact us via our online enquiry form or call us today on 0800 169 5925.