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FSCS give firms a declaration of default

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A report by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has compiled a list of
pension and investment advisory firms they have declared as legally being ‘in default’.

This definition allows consumers to make claims to the FSCS for compensation if they believe they have been given improper advice regarding a financial investment by a firm declared in default.

Growing number

A total of 28 firms have received a declaration of default since May 2015, with the total of firms for the year being close to 100.

The latest batch of firms listed by the FSCS is as follows:

Northern England

  • CPC Wealth Management Ltd
  • Financial Professional Ltd
  • Legacy Wealth Management Ltd
  • Montpelier Financial Services
  • Norcrest Financial Services Ltd
  • Pentyre Investments
  • Standrings Ltd.

English Midlands

  • Archer Bramley Ltd
  • Asquith Hart Financial Management LLP
  • Hewitt & Harris Wealth Management Solutions Ltd
  • Matthew Round & Co.
  • Planned Exit Ltd, Presto Planning Ltd

Southern England

  • Avidity Wealth Management Ltd
  • CP Asset Management Ltd
  • Davinci Wealth Management Ltd
  • First Action Finance Ltd
  • Hightree Financial Services Ltd
  • Michael Mallen Associates
  • Newman Wright Financial Advisors
  • Provision Financial Consultants
  • Select Financial Solutions Ltd
  • The Joseph Bevan Partnership
  • WPLC Financial Consultants Ltd


  • Crisp Financial Services Ltd
  • Central Investment Services Ltd


  • E David Roberts & Co. Ltd
  • The Mortgage Market Ltd

Cases of financial mis-selling

All of these firms have been listed due to not being able to meet compensations claims for providing improper financial advice to individuals – advice which those individuals allege was not suitable or appropriate for them. Cases range from clear instances of fraud to failing to provide full and complete information to clients.

If you believe you have received improper advice from an advisory firm not on the list above, you can check to see if the firm has received a declaration of default at the FSCS website.

Expert view

“This announcement from the FSCS shows that there are still firms out there, giving out the wrong sort of advice to clients. Unfortunately we often see clients who have had lost out through investments that have gone badly wrong as a result of poor financial advice. If you think that this might be the case for you or your family, please seek expert advice as soon as possible”

Peter McKenna, Partner

If you have lost out financially as a result of inadequate financial advice, TLWs financial mis-selling team may be able to get your money back.

This applies even if the firm who advised you has now gone out of business.

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