£50,000 Reclaimed in One Month Alone for PPI Mis-Selling

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TLW Solicitors financial mis-selling team have successfully reclaimed over £50,000 in Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in one month alone.

Many of our clients are not even aware that they have a claim for PPI when they first contact us, or when they have tried to make a claim it was initially rejected, our financial team are re-claiming thousands back from finance and lending agreements.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was a policy designed to cover monthly payments of your finance agreement including mortgages, loans and credit cards and was designed to protect you in the event of illness, injury or redundancy. However it was ruthlessly mis-sold using with the PPI either being completely unsuitable, unneeded or unexplained.

The banks have recently announced other major provisions to cover PPI compensation, which is now expected to reach over £22 billion.

Marc Davison, Head of Financial Mis-selling at TLW Solicitors said,

‘We are seeing clients come to us who were heavily mis-sold by the banks and often in most cases completely unaware; TLW are delighted that we have been able to help so many clients recover compensation for products that were clearly not suitable for their financial situation.’

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