Cyclist Awarded Compensation After Dream Career Hopes Dashed

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With many of us striving to be healthier and kinder on the environment, cycling has become one of the most popular modes of transport.

Not only is cycling a great way to get fit, it helps to lower your carbon emissions, but unfortunately you can still be left vulnerable to accidents as Tyneside woman Natalie Gallon discovered.The 27-year-old was riding her bicycle to a job interview when a large building site fence collapsed and crashed on top of her.

She sustained a severe fracture-dislocation to the right elbow, a painful sprain to the wrist and was left needing several operations. Badly affected by her injuries, Natalie was no longer able to pursue her dream career as a care worker and brought a compensation case with the help of TLW.

Now, two years on from the cyclist accident, she has received a payment of £50,000 from the company liable, after TLW negotiated an increased settlement on the original offer from the building company. “I was delighted with the compensation, but it really wasn’t about the money,” Natalie said. “I felt angry that something so unsafe had been allowed to happen – what if it had been a child who was walking past at that time?

“My lawyer felt it was really important to bring the case to make the construction industry sit up and think harder about safety issues.” Natalie was represented by TLW lawyer Katy Wilson who worked with the road traffic accident team to make sure her case was given the attention it deserved.

Katy said: “If you make a successful claim for compensation, it can not only help you, but it can also help compel businesses to sort out safety problems that end up with people getting hurt,” she said. Natalie said: “It can seem scary to talk to a lawyer, but Katy at TLW was really friendly and explained everything very clearly – she spoke to me like a human being. “If there are other people out there who have had incidents like mine, I would definitely encourage them to think about making a claim for compensation.”

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