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Celebrating International Womens Day at TLW Solicitors

To celebrate International women’s day we thought it the perfect opportunity to recognise the truly aspirational females here within our firm, TLW Solicitors.

International women’s day 2014 looks at the successes and aspirations of women globally, from those working hard within careers, communities and beyond.

Through anonymous voting, there were many pitting for title of TLWs women of the year but our very own Shirley Usher, Head of TLWs First Response Team was pronounced this years most recognised for achievements at the firm and among peers for commitments to both the firm and department.

Shirley Usher added;

‘For my colleagues to think I’m an inspiration is not only humbling, but quite an honour there are so many people at TLW I would like to share the title with that are my inspiration, Male and Female!

In some countries the day is recognised with public holiday acknowledging women’s advancement and progress. This year the theme for International Women’s day is inspiring change.