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Our client was initially contacted by Solar Panel Company Energy Hypermarket regarding the possible purchase of solar panels, with the promise that the panels would be self-funding providing a potential saving of £27,000 over 25 years.

This would have been through anticipated savings on utility bills and income generated through the Feed-in-Tariff (‘FIT’). He was also told that the money he received from the FIT payments would cover the cost of purchasing the system and as such it was a ‘self-funding’ system.

A finance agreement was arranged by the solar company with Shawbrook Bank to cover the cost of the purchase and installation of the panels.

The client was receiving significantly less income that he had been promised so our solar panel solicitors made a mis-sold solar panels complaint to Shawbrook Finance, requesting that they refund the client all money paid and write off the outstanding amount owed under the finance agreement.

An offer was made to write off the agreement and return all money paid. The cost of the system was reduced to £4,900 which is being paid off interest-free by our client. By using TLW’s financial mis-selling solicitors the client saved a total of £15,535.40 and the client was able to keep the mis-sold solar panels.

Our client Mr Daniel Mossman was delighted to have able to relinquish his finance agreement.

“I’m so pleased that TLW were able to get me out of the finance agreement which was costing a lot of money for very little return. The idea of solar panels saving me money whilst doing my bit for the environment sounded too good to be true, unfortunately it was.

Once I found TLW the process was straight forward from my perspective and they did all the complex work on my behalf. I would recommend TLW to anyone who has found themselves in the same situation as me. The fact that they did all this on a no-win, no-fee basis was also a big relief”.

Mr Mossman’s situation is sadly not unique, and claims are increasing for mis-sold solar panels.

The BBC’s Inside Out programme hosted by North East reporter, Chris Jackson recently featured interviews with several people who had been mis-sold solar panels, together with the complex loan agreements to pay for them. Read about our thoughts here.

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