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Dolphin Trust Investments Plunge

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Dolphin Trust GmbH (GPG) Investments Plunge to 10% of Original Value.
Is your pension invested in Dolphin Trust GmbH?

Dolphin Trust GmbH is an investment scheme specialising in the development of German listed buildings that promised returns of 10% to its investors. Often following recommendations made by an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), the scheme was commonly available to investors via a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

The investment is not regulated by Government-backed watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the bonds under the scheme are only payable on maturity after either two or five years.

The TLW financial mis-selling team has been closely watching issues unfold with the investment company. In our last blog, we highlighted that Dolphin Trust GmbH had advised its investors that they faced a stark choice between restructuring its debts or insolvency.

The latest development is that SIPP providers, Hartley Pensions Limited has written to all its customers holding Dolphin Trust investments confirming that “with immediate effect” they are valuing those investments at 10% of their original value “until such time as there is sufficient evidence to prove otherwise”.

This development adds to an ongoing list of concerns for investors, including maturity payment delays, interest issues, possible sale of properties yet to be developed, as well as the recent suggestion of debt restructuring to avoid insolvency.

In 2019 the troubled investment company was the focus of an investigation by BBC Radio 4’s “You and Yours” programme. The BBC investigation highlighted that some of the properties were unsuitable for renovation, requiring far more investment than projected. The broadcast also questioned why investors had no details about the specific investment properties or information about commissions paid on these transactions.

In view of his financial mis-selling experience, TLW partner Peter McKenna was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 programme “You and Yours” and following this latest development, Peter said:

“The decision by Hartley Pension to revalue Dolphin investments at 10% of their original value seemed inevitable given the issues that Dolphin investors have faced. Presumably, given that they are governed by the same rules as Hartley, other pension companies will follow suit in the near future and reassess their valuation of their clients’ investments in Dolphin. While this may appear to be bad news for investors we have long felt this was coming and the good news is, by pension companies taking this action, investors maybe better placed to recover compensation.”

TLW Solicitors are experienced in claiming no win no fee compensation for clients who have invested their pension funds in high-risk unregulated investment products via a SIPP. TLW’s specialist lawyers can also pursue a claim even if the IFA has gone out of business.

In such cases, as well as being entitled to claim towards the amount which you invested, you may be able to claim:

  • Fees paid to the IFA and SIPP company who arranged your investment.
  • The money you would have made if your pension/savings had remained where they were.

If you or a loved one have invested your pension, or part of it, with Dolphin Trust GmbH (now known as German Property Group, GPG) and are worried about your investment and the financial advice that you received, please get in touch with TLW Solicitors for a no-obligation discussion to see if we can help you.

To get in touch with one of the specialist financial mis-selling lawyers here at TLW Solicitors, call us on 0800 169 5925, email or complete our call back form.

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“The decision by Hartley Pension to revalue Dolphin investments at 10% of their original value seemed inevitable given the issues that Dolphin investors have faced.”

Peter McKenna