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TLW Solicitors Team Building at Calvert Trust Kielder

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On 14th February 2019, staff from TLW Solicitors took part in a team building event at Kielder Forest in support of the Calvert Trust.

Alice French, Jodie Moore, Rhian Bowen, Amanda Freeth, Carley Miller and Karen Stewart each went through the “Kielder Quest”. They completed several rigorous team bonding challenges, including rock climbing, giant ladder climbing, crate stacking and orienteering.

During the crate stacking challenge Karen and Carley managed to get 5 layers of crates stacked up whilst standing on the crates – which was the winning tower overall.  In the rock-climbing challenge, Alice managed to manoeuvre across the wall horizontally in just 16 moves against an average of about 27.

Amanda struggled half way up the climbing wall but after plenty of encouragement she managed to reach the top, whilst she didn’t win the race, at least she completed it! Alice and Amanda both got to the 5th log up on the ladder challenge – this was quite a feat considering the gaps between the logs were taller than them.

After three attempts and lots of cheering, Rhian managed to get an arrow on the target during the archery, scoring a grand total of 1. The last challenge of the day was orienteering that included 15 checkpoints.  Rhian, Jodie and Amanda ran the entire orienteering course completing it in record time.

TLW has sent teams to Kielder for the past few years and are proud to continue supporting the Calvert Trust charity in its work helping disabled adults and children, together with their families and friends, to achieve their potential through supported outdoor activities.

Reflecting on the team’s achievements, TLW partner John Burn said:

“Its great to see our staff having fun whilst at the same time working together as a team.  We are delighted to support Calvert Trust and their annual event has become a fixture on our calendar.”