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What you need to know about SIPPS


Sipps stands for “self-invested personal pensions”. These are a ‘do-it-yourself’ form of pension that allows an individual to make his or her own investments into a personal pension pot.

But you don’t have to be an investment genius to have a Sipp. They’re great for:

  • Pulling a whole load of personal pensions together;
  • Having a wider variety of investments than in a normal personal pension including shares and commercial property;
  • Giving you day to day control over the “big picture” such as moves from shares to cash or vice versa;
  • Letting you into “income drawdown” – a way of having your tax free cake while keeping your pension invested. Income drawdown needs specialist help.

What the experts say about Sipps

Take advice, shop around and don’t get carried away with the idea that you are about to enjoy a free lunch. Although advertisements for SIPPs are springing up almost everywhere, most experts recommend great caution before proceeding and emphasise that Sipps will not be suitable for a large number of people.

The best advice is to take advice and to think carefully about your personal circumstances before investing in a SIPP. It might well be that the less exciting traditional pension funds might be more suited to your needs, however tempting it is to go for the option of a SIPP.

If you are worried about your investment or have invested in product such as the following please get in touch.

  • Off plan properties
  • Store Pods
  • Wine
  • Global Forestry Investments
  • Australain farmland

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