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Lost money through a timeshare scam?

Our team are specialists at reclaiming losses incurred through timeshare mis-selling and compensation for those who have fallen victim to timeshare or holiday club scams. We can also assist with terminating existing timeshare contracts so you no longer have to pay ever increasing maintenance fees for something you can no longer use.

Timeshare mis-selling and “buyback” or “resale” scams

We’ve helped many people recover compensation after being pressured or misled into buying timeshares or holiday club memberships. Many of our clients were told the timeshare units would be “investments” that they could rent out or sell for a profit. Others have lost thousands trying to sell their timeshare through so-called “buyback” or “resale” schemes.

Timeshare schemes are often an emotional and impulsive purchase, usually when individuals are on holiday and are subjected to a high pressure sales pitch. Our no win, no fee, no pressure service is helping hundreds of people reclaim costs from timeshare mis-selling with no upfront fees.

Recent timeshare mis-selling scenarios we’ve seen include:

  • Receiving no return from a timeshare sold as an investment.
  • Paying a company to sell or rent a timeshare but never receiving a payment.
  • Attending a presentation to sell a timeshare and being duped into buying more.
  • Investing in other property developments with the promise of the company taking over an existing timeshare.
  • Buying a timeshare or fractional ownership only to find the share had already been sold to another party.

Our experienced team may be able to help you to recoup your losses even if the company you dealt with is no longer trading. We are currently working with clients subject to timeshare scams, fractional ownerships and/or holiday club memberships by the following companies, as well as many more:

Timeshare Contract release

As well as helping recover money which you may have lost in some form of mis-selling, we can also assist clients getting out of genuine timeshare contracts.

During the 1980s and 1990s, genuine timeshares offered thousands of people the opportunity to take affordable holidays year on year. However, over time people’s circumstances change and their timeshare may no longer be right for them for any number of reasons.

Often when people check their contracts or contact their resort about relinquishing their timeshare they are told that they are tied in for the rest of their lives, some are even told that their liability will pass to their children. These people are then faced with paying ever increasing maintenance fees year on year for something that they cannot or no longer want to use.

If you are wondering how to get out of your timeshare contract, our expert team of timeshare solicitors can review your agreement and current circumstances to see if you are actually tied into your ongoing contract. If we believe that you should be allowed to cancel your contract we will negotiate with the resort on your behalf and you will only be charged for our services once we have successfully negotiated a timeshare release.

We will never ask for payment up front and you should be extremely cautious about dealing with any firms who request upfront payments for timeshare help. In our experience, many companies who request upfront payments for this service are fraudsters who you will never hear from again.

Our team have successfully negotiated a timeshare release for clients in the UK, Europe and America. If you’ve lost money due to a timeshare scam, our no win no fee service could help you recover your losses. Speak to one of our timeshare mis-selling experts today.

Contact us today to see if you have a timeshare scam claim, and join a growing number of people who have already been compensated for a mis-sold timeshare.

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