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Have you taken out a personal loan with Provident in the last 10 years? You may be entitled to a refund claim

Provident refund claims are available to customers who were approved for multiple doorstep loans when they could not pay them back. The refund claim compensates customers for the interest on these loans and any additional fees/charges paid to Provident.

Often when people take out Provident loans regularly it is a sign that they are struggling with their debts and Provident is under an obligation not to take unfair advantage of this.

Many Provident customers may be entitled to compensation if Provident allowed them to take out lots of loans, one after another. TLW Solicitors can help reclaim the interest and fees paid on these loans.

Protecting borrowers

To protect consumers, Government watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority has rules that lenders should not lend if the loan means the borrower cannot pay day-to-day bills or needs to borrow more to keep up the loan repayments.

Even if you have managed to make the loan repayments over many years, you may still be able to claim compensation.

What can I claim a refund for?

If Provident has let you take out lots of loans without doing proper checks then you may be entitled to have the loan stopped and claim for:

  • A refund for all the interest you have paid on the loans;
  • Claim all loan fees and charges;
  • A refund on any interest paid on the above.

You can also ask for any negative information on your credit records to be removed.

No-win, no-fee solicitors

TLW are financial mis-selling solicitors, who are experts at claiming compensation for those who have taken out unfairly provided personal Provident loans.

We act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and you pay us nothing if your claim is unsuccessful.

So, you have nothing to lose.

What about arrears, can I still claim?

Sometimes for reasons outside your control, you may be struggling with your repayments and have fallen into arrears. Under FCA rules, where there is an ongoing claim against a lender, then the lender must not keep asking for payment without providing clear justification or evidence as to why the claim is invalid.

Where possible you should always continue to make your contractual payments to the lender to ensure you do not miss any repayments as this could affect your credit rating.

TLW Solicitors can help you get a Provident loans refund

If you are concerned about your, a friend or loved one’s Provident personal loan, please get in touch with TLW Solicitors for a free, no-obligation discussion by calling 0800 169 5925, emailing, or complete the call back form below.

Strict time limits apply and so anyone wishing to bring a claim should do so without delay.

For added TLC, think TLW Solicitors.

Provident Refund Claim FAQ's

Warning signs of potential personal loan mis-selling include:

  • Provident did not check what other loans you already had.
  • You were still paying back Provident loans and they let you borrow more.
  • Provident did not ask about or do any checks on your income or outgoings.
  • You could not afford the loan, but it was arranged anyway.
  • With high interest rates and excessive fees, the loan was much more expensive than you expected.

If you think that you have been the victim of mis-sold Provident loans, then get in touch with one of our specialist lawyers by phone on 0800 169 5925, by email to, or use the call back form below.

Our team will go through your case and explore your options on a free, no-obligation basis. We will then contact Provident and get all the relevant documents and contracts on your behalf to see if you have a refund claim and if so, what it might be worth.

We can still investigate your claim even if you no longer have the relevant paperwork. All the paperwork in your claim will be dealt with hassle-free online.

Yes. Under FCA rules, where there is an ongoing claim against a lender, then the lender must not keep asking for payment without providing clear justification or evidence as to why the claim is invalid.

This depends on many factors including the number of loans, together with the duration and amount of the loan agreements. TLW Solicitors deal with cases worth thousands of pounds. We will claim for:

  • A refund for all the interest you have paid on the loans.
  • All loan fees and charges.
  • Interest to compensate you on the amounts above.

We will also try to have any negative information on your credit records removed. If you think that you have been mis-sold a loan by Provident, get in touch with our team and we can discuss your claim and what it might be worth.

Once our team of specialist financial mis-selling lawyers has reviewed your potential case and if we feel it suitable, then we will enter into a no-win-no-fee agreement. That means, if the case is unsuccessful, we will not charge for the time we have spent on the case.

This varies from claim to claim. If the loan company accepts responsibility for the alleged mis-selling and agrees to put things right, then a compensation claim can take just a few months. If the allegations are disputed, then the claim may have to be referred to the FCA and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to be resolved, which could take between 12-18 months.

Bradford based Provident is a longstanding, well known financial institution that has been providing personal loans since the 1880s. These are sometimes known as ‘doorstep’ loans that are often taken out frequently for small amounts of money.

The downside is that the loans usually have high-interest rates, which mean that for anyone already struggling financially, then they can quickly spiral into a cycle of increasing debt, borrowing more and more.

Government watchdog, the FCA, recognised that it was too easy for some borrowers to sign up to unsuitable, high-interest loan agreements and have brought in rules to clamp down on this unfair lending. Provident has announced that it will no longer be providing these types of loans.

Sometimes loan mis-selling claims can be very complex. Our team of specialist lawyers has many years’ experience of dealing with a wide range of financial mis-selling cases. We have developed an online process to progress these cases quickly and simply.

TLW are an established firm of solicitors with many years’ experience in successfully winning cases for our clients, we are not intermediaries, which means that your case will be dealt with from start to finish by our team.

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