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Industrial Deafness

Are You Experiencing Hearing Loss As a Result of Working in a Loud Environment?

Workers who have been employed in loud environments over prolonged periods of time are more likely to suffer temporary or permanent hearing-loss, as well as conditions such as tinnitus.

In cases of temporary hearing loss, a significant recovery period can be enough to lower the risk of severe hearing damage.

However, continually returning to loud environments without adequate protective equipment for the ears greatly increases the chances of the hearing loss becoming permanent.

Once damage has been sustained by the sensitive hair cells within the ear, it is long-lasting and irreversible. Hearing aids and further specialist treatment may be required to improve hearing ability, although it will never be restored to its original state.

Whether you are still in employment or the symptoms have only developed in the years since you have left, TLW Solicitors can offer expert guidance and advice for industrial deafness claims. Our personal injury team may even be able to help you if your place of work has since closed down.


We may be able to recover compensation for you, on a no-win, no-fee basis.

If you believe you have sustained industrial disease or injury as a result of your working conditions, you can contact us using the form below. Our personal injury solicitors will be in touch to discuss your claim.

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