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Has poor pension / investment advice caused you to lose out financially?

We can advise and progress pension mis-selling claims for anyone who has:

  • Invested their fund in a high risk scheme which has gone wrong
    e.g. off-plan property, store pods, carbon credits etc.
  • Not received proper pension advice which explained their entitlement to an enhanced annuity.
  • Been advised to transfer out of their existing scheme into, what turns out to be, a lesser scheme.

Despite reassurances from the chancellor in 2015 that fears surrounding pension mis-selling were unfounded following the new reforms, evidence suggests that there were not sufficient regulations in place to protect the large number of people who were able to access their pension.

Financially inexperienced investors have been drawn in by the lucrative promises surrounding certain pension schemes which can result in a substantial loss of funds due to the high risks involved in certain schemes. Pension funds can also be subject to heavy tax burdens if accessed prematurely.

TLW understand that for many investors, the money has been accumulated through a lifetime of working and saving. If you believe you have been mis-sold a pension scheme following a pension review and lost out as a result get in touch with our team to see how we can help.

TLW will carefully review the advice you received, examine the sales process and consider all potential options to recover your losses. It may be that we can:

  • Recover pension funds which you previously thought lost.
  • Obtain compensation for losses suffered due to receiving lower returns due to switching schemes.
  • Get pension compensation for past losses and a better paying annuity going forward

Call TLW Solicitors to discover if you have a pension mis-selling compensation claim today.

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