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Have you transferred out of your work pension scheme?

Transferring out of a final salary scheme was rarely good advice, yet many people were advised to do just that. TLW Solicitors specialise in assisting clients who have been given negligent advice on pensions and investments.

Defined benefit pension or final salary schemes are a very solid and dependable source of income for retirement, there has to be an extremely good reason for someone to want to transfer this into a riskier type of investment.

Getting the right sort of advice on this is very important indeed. If you feel that you weren’t given the right advice, please contact us.

People who worked in public sector or nationalised industries such as those listed below may have a defined benefit pension

As we are based in the North East and have experience of dealing with British Coal miners compensation claims, we also advise miners and their families on the transfer out of British Coal final salary pension schemes.

Please call us on 0800 169 5925 or use our online form and one of our team will contact you for an initial consultation on your circumstances and we will advise on possible next steps.

For added TLC, think TLW Solicitors.


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