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Have you been a victim of Dental Negligence and feel you have a compensation claim?

Dental negligence claims can take many forms. If you have suffered pain or injury as a result of mistakes in dental treatment or negligent dental misdiagnosis, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak to the dental negligence solicitors at TLW to find out.

As well as often leaving unsightly or painful results, dental negligence can cause very serious problems such as nerve damage, severe ongoing pain, loss of control of saliva, speech issues, damage to the senses, not to mention the psychological effects of such conditions.

TLW Solicitors help those who have suffered due to clinical dental negligence, our dental negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation on a no win no fee basis. Whether your dentist is an NHS or private dental practice, if you have been caused harm due to negligence, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

The specialist and experienced dental negligence lawyers at TLW Solicitors have dealt with a wide range of dental compensation claims:

Complications following routine dental procedures

  • Medical or physical complications following routine dental procedures caused by a dental surgeon.
  • Common cases include damage caused during routine dental procedures such as root canal therapy or wisdom tooth extraction.
  • We will also examine whether a patient was suitable for a particular dental procedure and whether the risks of medical complications were adequately assessed and explained to the patient beforehand.
  • If the dental clinic did not explain the risks and it can be shown that the patient wouldn’t have gone ahead with the dental procedure had they been, then there may be grounds for a compensation claim.

Cosmetic dentistry claims

  • Common cases include badly positioned or fitting veneers, crowns, implants, bridges or braces.

Gum disease compensation claims (also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease)

  • Common cases include the dental practice’s failure to adequately diagnose and/or monitor the progression of gum disease over a long period of time. The dentist’s failure to advise on oral hygiene, carry out regular check-ups and X-rays, or refer to a hygienist, can amount to negligence leading to a claim for compensation.

If the injury is very serious and responsibility for the alleged negligence is accepted early on, the TLW team can try to negotiate an early payment towards the final compensation to cover the cost of private dental treatment needed to fix the problem.

Time limits

As with all personal injury claims, a dental negligence claim must be brought within the relevant limitation period. Generally speaking, this will be 3 years from the date of the negligent dental treatment or when the patient knew or ought to reasonably have known that any injury was due to negligence. Other time limits may apply if the treatment was carried out on a child or protected party.

With dentistry cases, the relevant limitation period can sometimes be difficult to work out, particularly if the case relates to treatment over a long period of time. It is therefore important to ensure that you receive advice from our specialist team to ensure that your claim is pursued within the relevant time period.

If you are not sure about the timescales in your case, contact one of the dental negligence solicitors at TLW as soon as possible.

To see if any of our specialist lawyers can help you, please get in touch.

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