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Have you had cavity wall insulation installed in your property and are now experiencing problems?

Over the last 20 years, millions of homes in the UK have been insulated with cavity wall insulation. For the vast majority of these, the insulation will have been installed correctly.

However, we believe hundreds of thousands of properties have had cavity wall insulation installed that was not done so in accordance with best practice and manufacturer’s guidelines.

This has led to problems with damp and other problems with properties suffering substantial damage including condensation, rotten woodwork, structural damage as well as damage to interior decorations and furnishings.

Reasons why the cavity wall insulation may have led to these problems

  • The cavity wall insulation used was not suitable for the type of property you live in;
  • The location of your house may have meant that cavity wall insulation should not have been installed;
  • The cavity of your home may have already been filled with rubble and should have been cleaned before the insulation was installed;
  • The insulation may not have been installed evenly, creating ‘cold spots’;
  • Your home may have been built recently and already had a form of insulation installed;
  • Your house was just not suitable for any type of cavity wall insulation.

If you have cavity wall insulation installed in your property and you believe it is causing problems, then you may be able to claim compensation from the company that fitted it or their insurers and recover the cost of having the insulation removed and the cost of other works necessary to put your home back to the state it should be in.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is the process of filling the cavity between the interior and exterior wall of a building with a filling that immobilises the movement of air. Although air possesses insulating qualities, still air is far more efficient at doing so than moving air.

With cavity wall insulation, air remains the primary insulator but its movement is limited by the use of products such as rock wool, glass fibre or polystyrene balls. The objective is to prevent heat loss, thus reducing the cost of heating the home. However, if it was not installed correctly then the cavity wall insulation can cause problems.

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