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Has your business lost out due to an interruption or unexpected disruption caused by COVID-19 and your business interruption insurance provider won’t pay out?

Most businesses take out business interruption insurance to protect themselves against risks such as fire and flood. Many insurance providers, including specialist business interruption insurance providers are refusing to pay out. This is leading to a large number of complaints and if this sounds like you, you may be due compensation. TLW Solicitors can help claim the owed money from the business interruption insurance provider as compensation.

What is Business Interruption (‘BI’) Insurance?

Business interruption insurance policies cover the money a business would have made during an unexpected disruption. Many BI insurance policies also cover losses caused by “notifiable diseases”, which the Courts have decided includes COVID-19. Unfortunately, many business interruption claims have not been compensated by the provider.

Business interruption insurance compensation, getting what you are owed from your insurance provider

As a business, you will have paid premiums, often over many years to insurers, and it is frustrating if they will not pay out when you need them the most. We aim to recover what is due to your business by pushing insurers who are looking to avoid or reduce paying out the amount owed for business interruption claims.

Will my claim be eligible for compensation? If your business has suffered losses because of the Coronavirus pandemic and you are not sure if you could be owed money by your insurers or they are refusing to pay you what you are owed, then get in touch with our specialist team.

You may have already tried to make a COVID -19 business interruption claim that has been rejected by the insurers or they have put forward a settlement offer for less than you think the claim may be worth. Contact us even if you have already tried to make a Coronavirus business interruption insurance claim, we can see if anything was missed and advise you of your options.

We can help businesses of all different sizes and in all sectors, even if they have used the Government’s furlough scheme or received support grants. If your business was not forced to close by the restrictions, you may still be able to claim.

What will it cost to make a business interruption insurance claim?

Unlike many law firms, with our specialist background in Covid business interruption insurance financial claims, we do not charge our clients an upfront “payment on account”. Understanding that our client’s businesses have already been through enough, we have developed a model for our clients where we only charge our agreed fees and expenses incurred if the claim is successful and our fees will only be a percentage of the money we recover for you.

We will also fund any expert evidence that is required so your claim can be properly valued.

TLW are financial claims solicitors that specialise in COVID business interruption compensation claims

Our specialist solicitors are experienced in interpreting detailed financial documents and can help busy business owners navigate these complex policies. With some basic information, the team can provide a risk-free, no-obligation assessment of your potential claim. We can help even if you cannot find any paperwork and are happy to liaise with your insurance broker and/or accountant.

What sets us apart from many law firms is that we also deal with a wide range of Government-backed organisations that can provide remedies and compensation as opposed to just looking to pursue matters through the courts, which can be expensive and time-consuming. This includes the Financial Ombudsman Service which handles complaints between consumers and businesses providing financial services, such as insurers. We also regularly act for clients in making claims with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), set up to help victims of failed financial firms authorised by City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Whilst businesses can make these claims themselves, most will be focused on getting the business up and running again. Any insurance claim is often complex, technically challenging, and time-consuming, we help by:

  • Knowing what documents and evidence the insurers are looking for so they can accurately value a claim;
  • Understanding the strict time limits that apply to these claims;
  • Having access to a wide range of business insurance experts, including forensic accountants, ensuring the maximum value of the claim is recovered;
  • Understanding the complex and rapidly changing legal framework;
  • Providing our clients with regular updates and explaining the legal and financial jargon in a straightforward and easy to understand way;
  • Taking the hassle out of the process for clients who do not have time to commit to making a claim.

TLW Solicitors can help

To see if you may be able to claim for the losses to your business as a result of the pandemic get in touch for a FREE, no-obligation discussion.

Time limits apply, so anyone wishing to bring a claim should do so without delay.

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