Traumatic Head Injury: Guide to Care Options – Part 6

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Brain Injury Support & Financial Assistance

Our serious injury care options series details treatment and options available for individuals and their families who have experienced a traumatic head injury.

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Brain injury support can take many forms, from initial medical help to advice and financial assistance. The period following a brain injury can be extremely challenging on many counts, including from a monetary perspective. Many people who have experienced a brain injury may not receive full-time pay from their occupation whilst they are in recovery. Others may be unable to work in the same capacity, or not at all.

If a person is waiting for serious injury compensation payments following an accident, this can also take time, leaving a period where a person is in financial limbo. There are several organisations that can be contacted for brain injury support and financial assistance at any time following an accident, with some included below.


Turn2us is a not-for-profit organisation, working on a national scale, and can help individuals, their carers and families to access the right level of brain injury support services and benefits. The Turn2us website is full of useful online tools, including a grant search facility to find out what brain injury support you’re entitled to in your local area, and a budget calculator for you to input your details and see what credits and benefits you can receive.

Brain Injury Support icon 1Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment

The Disability Living Allowance can assist with a person’s costs if they have been registered disabled. Costs may include living needs and carer costs, for example. Disability Living Allowance will be replaced in June 2016 by the Personal Independence Payment, for anyone aged 16 to 64. If you are aged 65 or over, you may be entitled to Attendance Allowance.

HeadwayHeadway Emergency Fund

Headway, the Brain Injury Association, offers grants of up to £500 to provide support for individuals and their families in the aftermath of a brain injury. The Headway Emergency Fund is available to all families with savings of less than £1000, and can go towards a wide range of expenses including travel costs and hospital car parking fees.

Brain Injury Support icon 2Self-Directed Support

If a person is entitled to care and brain injury support, they have the option of managing their own budget to pay for the care they receive. Formerly, everything will have been done through local social services, who can still arrange a person’s support if they prefer. Self-Directed Support involves a person being given a set budget to arrange and pay their own care and support services. This would involve either a person, their carer or family member advertising for the brain injury support, interviewing carers/support workers and paying their wages directly.

Brain Injury Support icon 3Serious Injury Solicitor

A specialist serious injury solicitor will look into securing any compensation that a person deserves, should a head injury be the result of an accident that was not their fault. Compensation will take into account the kind of care a person will require and for how long.

In addition, a specialist serious injury solicitor can act as a go-between on a person’s behalf, contacting all the financial services a person is connected to, from a mortgage provider to utility bill providers. Knowing the legalities of a situation inside out can help to make a complicated time as straightforward as can be and help a person stay financially ‘above water’ until serious injury compensation comes through.

Serious Injury in the North-East

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