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Marc Davison and the amazing tale of “Puffin Billy”

TLW have a hero in our midst!

Marc Davison our Head of Financial Mis-selling isn’t just an expert at fighting the corner of our clients, we recently discovered that he also looks out for the well being of marine sea birds.

When out on one of his regular early morning jaunts on the beach at Tynemouth Longsands with his faithful companion Stella the dog, Marc noticed a baby puffin in the water in serious distress.

Without a second thought for his own well being he rushed to the aid of the precariously positioned puffin, removing it from the swell and took it home.

Marc contacted the local Wildlife Sanctuary and took Puffin ‘Billy’ (as Marc was now calling him) to Blyth Wildlife Rescue to start his recovery.

Marc said: “If I had not done something to help the poor bird it might not have survived.”

Billy is making great progress and will soon be released back into the wild.