Compensation Victory for Council Tenant Trapped in Bath

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Mrs Barker was seriously hurt when the bathing equipment provided by her council became unstable, causing our client to fall and be left with a fractured arm and deep cuts to her leg.

Birmingham city council admitted liability for their part in failing to provide the necessary equipment in enabling Mrs Barker to access her bathroom safely.  Mrs Barker had asked the council if they could provide a walk in shower that would help her to access the bathroom safely.

After years of poor health due to arthritis, getting in and out of the bath was becoming a struggle.   Birmingham city council then instructed an occupational health advisor to assess Mrs Barker’s home, upon this visit the occupational health assessor advised that our client did not qualify for a walk in shower and was provided with a seat that was fixed to the bath.

On the day of the accident our client had entered the bath aided by her husband when the fixed seat wobbled causing her to fall forward and become jarred against exposed screws from the seat. Mrs Barker said of the ordeal ‘After the paramedics were called I spent 3 weeks in hospital because of my injuries caused by unsuitable equipment provided by the council’.

TLW Solicitors Rachel Armstrong, Personal Injury solicitor acting for Mrs Barker said ‘On this occasion the council had failed in their duty to provide their tenant with the correct equipment suitable for her care, I’m really happy to have been able to support our clients claim and secure the compensation she was entitled too’.

Mrs Barker added:

‘The service I received from TLW Solicitors was marvellous, everything was clearly explained right from the start to the finish, I couldn’t of wished for a better solicitor, Rachel and the team did an excellent job and I’m so happy with the final result. The whole experience left me quite shaken, I couldn’t dress or feed myself properly but with medical and rehabilitation services I accessed through TLW Solicitors I’ve made a full recovery and can start enjoying life again’.

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