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Helping you Deal With Industrial Deafness – the Working Legacy no-one Wants

In recognition of Deaf Awareness week we are highlighting a major problem that affects thousands of people across the UK suffer every day who suffer from the after-effects of working in a noisy environment with inadequate ear protection.

Industrial deafness is a legacy no-one wants – but if you do feel you are hard of hearing because of work, there is expert help at hand in the shape of TLW Solicitors.

One of our clients, Mr James Orwin of Sunderland, was recently awarded compensation for damage to his hearing caused by years working in the shipyards and in the oil and gas industry around the world.

He said:

“My main problem is in not being able to hear the conversation when I’m with a group of people.” “It means when I’m with my friends and everyone is chatting, I’m trying to lip-read to keep up with what’s going on – it makes me feel out of things.”

Mr Orwin, 71, faces other practical difficulties that include having to turn the TV, and having to ask people to repeat themselves. He also suffers from the unpleasant condition tinnitus, a ringing in the ears. When he worked on the oil rigs, conditions were often so noisy the workers had to use hand signals to communicate. Sound resonated, and there was no way to escape the noise.

In all his working life, Mr Orwin was only allocated hearing protection once, but the ear-plugs were of poor quality and badly fitted so had little effect. TLW Solicitors took up his case, and he was delighted when they won compensation for him.

“It was no bother at all,” he said. “I quite enjoyed talking to the solicitor, and there was just a bit of paperwork for me.

“My friends are the same age as me and have similar problems, and so do my two brothers, so I’m encouraging them to go after compensation themselves.”

Mr Orwin has sound advice for anyone who feels they might have hearing problems caused by their work. “It’s important to go for a reputable solicitors like mine – you don’t want one of these companies that takes a big chunk out of your compensation,” he said. “I’m encouraging the people I know to go to TLW Solicitors. Because it’s no-win, no fee, you’ve really got nothing to lose.”

And you may have a lot to gain – your rightful compensation for a difficult lifelong condition brought on by unfair working practices.

Get in touch with TLW Solicitors today to discuss industrial deafness – our friendly experts are waiting to help. You can call us 0800 169 5925 or email You can also make an enquiry using our contact form.