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TLW Solicitors Donate Easter Eggs to Local Charity

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TLW Solicitors popped in to the Riverside Children’s Centre with a donation of more than 50 chocolate eggs for the Tyne Gateway Trust based in North Shields.

The Easter bunny arrived at Tyne Gateway Trust in North Shields as children got ready for a day of holiday fun. The children, ranging from toddlers to 10-year-olds, were ready to enjoy a day of Easter activities organised by the Trust.

Laura Brown, Marketing Executive at TLW Solicitors, said:”We’re based in North Shields, near the Trust, and we think they do some fantastic work in the are”.

So we wanted to help them celebrate the holidays with some sweet treats for the children.” The Trust works closely with local families to help them improve their situation.

Tyne Gateway’s Operations Manager Sally Booth said: “Some families who need support can be hard to reach, because they may choose not to engage with statutory services or they simply do not know where to turn.” Tyne Gateway Trust trains and employs as community and family entrepreneurs local parents who have overcome similar situations. They are able to engage families, giving them the support they need to improve their situation.

Some parents who have been supported by the entrepreneurs in changing their situation have returned to Tyne Gateway as volunteers themselves. Sally said: “We’re a charity, and we can’t afford to buy a chocolate egg for every child, so we’re really grateful to TLW Solicitors for bringing these treats down to us.“We’ll distribute them to the families we work with – without this donation, some of the children would not get a chocolate egg at all this Easter.

For more information about Tyne Gateway Trust and its work, visit www.tynegatewaytrust.co.uk

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