Bogus PPI Company Cashing in on Unaware Consumers

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A bogus claims management companies has been accused of pressuring pensioners into paying hefty agreement fees with the promise of reclaiming thousands in compensation, the unaware customer never hears back or receives a penny.

Millions of people were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, reputable firms and claims management companies have helped many consumers successfully reclaim; this situation shows that it’s important for consumers to know why PPI compensation exists and how PPI was mis-sold.

The company in question, Aims Review were already under investigation by the Ministry of Justice Claims Management Regulator for previous pressurising sales tactics. Some victims did not even have a PPI policy in place, or when they tried to cancel and get a refund never heard from Aims Review again.

TLWs Solicitors Marc Davison said on the matter:

‘Companies like Aims Review are a small minority, the PPI compensation scheme is a really positive move to make the finance industry stand up and make changes that benefit consumers.

‘Were helping clients that were mis-sold PPI policies on various types of credit agreements; PPI was often added without their knowledge, or the product was completely unsuitable for the individual meaning it offered little or no value’.

TLW Solicitors work with you on a no win no fee agreement there’s no upfront charges and we offer free initial advice, it’s possible to claim for PPI yourself but if you choose on working with TLW Solicitors we will provide a hassle free and professional service aimed at getting you the maximum compensation.

If you took out a credit agreement before April 2009 you could have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) on a loan, credit or store card, mortgage or other type of credit agreement. It really does pay to check if you would like free initial advice please call us on 0800 169 5925