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Government Announces Compensation Boost for Asbestos Victims

After years of campaigning; the victims of mesothelioma an illness caused by Asbestos, can now be awarded compensation of up to £123,000 after the Government agreed to approve plans to set aside funds to compensate.

Previously there was no way of awarding compensation if the victim’s former employer’s insurance company could not be traced.

Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer caused from the exposure to Asbestos, it can take decades to develop which was one of the main reasons victims previously struggled to obtain compensation.  It is expected that 50,000 people in the UK will die within the next 30 years from the disease.

TLW Solicitors Personal Injury specialist, John Burn welcomed the news:

‘This is a true victory for clients and their families who have suffered and endured the effects of working with Asbestos. In the past it was very frustrating not being able to obtain compensation for people who were suffering from this terrible disease where insurers of their past employers could not be found. It is only right that those who have contracted mesothelioma due to not being properly protected while at work should receive compensation. ‘